Free Download KeepVid APK Video Downloader (Android, iOS, PC)

Every day we come across hundreds of videos be it related to news, technology, music, or dance and whether we want to watch or download them we face problems due to the internet connectivity issues. But now all these problems have come to an end due to an app called KeepVid Apk.

KeepVid Apk for Android

Video downloading has always been a difficult task if you do not have a proper internet connection. Buffering of videos consumes a lot of time and sometimes it takes hours to watch a long duration video. The KeepVid is a video downloader used to download videos and mp3 files.

What is KeepVid Apk?

KeepVid can be used to download videos and Mp3 files from a lot of popular sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram etc. We live in the 21st century and this era is all about the digital world. Watching videos have always been a great source of entertainment. Nowadays videos are a great source of learning too. KeepVid is one of the best video downloading app available on the internet. You can download videos and mp3 files free of cost with fast speed. Based on your requirement you can even download different versions of it like Lite, Pro, and Music.

KeepVid Android: Details

Name of the App KeepVid APK
Last Version Released V3.1.1.5
Use Video and Music Downloading
Price Free
Last Date of Update 18-01-18
Space Requirement 11.3MB

Features of KeepVid APK

  • Free Download- Using this app you can download videos for free. You do not need to install any other program for downloading videos.
  • Fast Download- If offers high downloading speed by using one-step mechanism i.e. find your video click on download option and you are done. It uses complete bandwidth of your network to enhance the speed of download
  • Built-in Web browser-The user can search for the videos on the app by typing its keyword and the app performs the search on its own without the need of leaving the app and opening another browser.
  • Batch Download-There are a lot of apps which support video downloading but you can only download one video at a time but this app supports multi-tasking i.e. you can select multiple videos and the download will happen simultaneously thus saving a lot of time and effort.

KeepVid Apk

  • Music Download: If you are a music lover or even if you use music as a stress buster you need fast and better option for downloading music. At times you are not interested in downloading the video rather you are interested in downloading the MP3. This can be done by using download audio option in the app which converts the video into MP3 format.
  • High-Quality Videos: The HD video downloaders support 2K, HD, and UHD videos thus you can download high-quality videos without affecting its quality.
  • Design: The look and feel of the app is the first thing which attracts the user. It provides an amazing design which is user-friendly and integrated with an extraordinary interface.

 How to download KeepVid Apk for Android?

Downloading KeepVid APK is a simple procedure:

  • First, click on settings option on your mobile.
  • Now, in settings click on security option.
  • Check if unknown sources option is enabled or not.If it is not enabled then enable it.
  • Now, visit the official site of KeepVid and click on the download button.
  • Click on install option which is visible to you after some time.
  • Once the installation process gets completed you can start using the app.

How to use the KeepVid?

  • Find a link to the video by searching the video on sites.
  • Copy this link
  • Paste it into the app
  • Now you can watch or download the video according to your needs

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