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Like the Freedom APK, we have brought a new App Lucky Patcher for you. The Lucky Patcher App has all the features of Freedom APK. Lucky Patcher Apk helps to remove ads from an App. It also provides some free extra coins, extra lives which are required by a game user to win the game. Here we will also guide you to download Lucky Patcher Original on your device. This application is 100% safe and does not harm your device.

Lucky Patcher Original

Lucky Patcher Original: Details

App Name Lucky Patcher
Operating System Android
Minimum requirement Android 2.3 and Up
Latest Version V6.9.9.5
Download Size 6.15 MB
Developed By Chelpus
Last Updated 7th January 2018
License Free

Lucky Patcher Apk Here

  • Remove Ads: Lucky Patcher App blocks all the ads, even if it is by Google. So the user can enjoy other apps without any disturbance.
  • Free in-App Purchase: With this App, you would get all the in-app purchase which is available in the android apps like coins, life free so that user can win the game.
  • Remove Licence Verification: Lucky Patcher APK removes the license verification from the purchased app by creating a custom patch so with the help of Lucky Patcher Original app you can download the purchased app for free in your device.
  • Take Backup: Lucky Patcher offers the feature to take backup of android apps which are installed in your device.

lucky patcher original

Download Original Lucky Patcher Apk for Android:

  1. To download Lucky Patcher for Android device, you need to root your device. To do this, please follow the steps.
  • Go to “Settings”-click “Security” and enable “Unknown Sources.”
  1. Now your Android device is ready to download original lucky patcher APK.
  2. Download the original lucky patcher APK file from its original website.
  3. Now open the APK file and click on install.
  4. Wait until the process finish.

Now you have lucky patcher original app in your android device. Open and enjoy its premium features.

Color Significance in Lucky Patcher App:

After the installation of original Lucky Patcher App in your device you will see the list of apps. With each app you will see the colour. These all colour have significance in original lucky patcher app. These are as follows:

  • Green colour: It shows that app is available for registration or removed from google play store.
  • Purple Color: It indicates that the app is system startup app.
  • Blue Color: This tells that this app still has Google Ads.
  • Orange Color: This colour tells that this app is a system app.
  • Yellow Color: Signifies the availability of the specific patch.
  • Red Color: Tells that app cannot be modified.

lucky patcher original

How to hack games using Lucky Patcher:

Follow these steps to get in-app purchase free for a gaming app.

  • Open the Lucky Patcher App.
  • Search for the app in which you want to get in-app purchase.
  • After choosing the app you will see the list of various options. Out of those choose” Open Menu of Patches”
  • After choosing this option you will again find a list of other options. Choose “ support patch for in-App and LVL emulation”
  • After choosing this option you will see three options. Out of these three options choose the first two options and click on “rebuild the app”
  • Now click on”buy” option. After this, a popup window will appear with the message “do you want to get this item free” then choose “yes”
  • After Clicking on “yes” wait for some time and you will get free coins and lives which is available in in-app purchase.

Now enjoy your game with free coins and lives with Lucky Patcher

How to use Lucky Patcher Original to remove Ads?

To remove ads and to enjoy your favourite app with any disturbance, use the following steps.

  • Open the Lucky Patcher original App.
  • Then you will see the option “Open Menu of Patches”, click on it.
  • It will show another list of options. From those options choose” Remove Google Ads”
  • Then click on Apply.

Now you are done and enjoy your favourite app without Google Ads.

Take the backup of the data of the App using Lucky Patcher

With the help of Lucky Patcher, you can take the back-up of the data of your already installed Android app. Here is the step by step process to do this.

  • Click on the App.
  • In it you would be able to see the list of apps stores on your mobile Phone.
  • Select the app for which you want to take back-up.
  • After selection, you will find “clone App” Option.
  • Make the clone App option Visible.
  • Then you will find the data of the selected app gets successfully backed up on another device.

lucky patcher original

Remove License verification using Lucky Patcher App

Follow the steps to remove license verification from the app.

  • Open the Lucky Patcher Original App and search for the app on which you want to escape the license verification.
  • Then a list of options will open; choose “Open Menu of Patches option.”
  • Then choose “Remove license verification” option.
  • Then from the list of options, choose “Auto Mode.” And click on “Apply”
  • Wait for some time and now license verification has been removed from that specific App.

Lucky Patcher Apk Old Version

Lucky Patcher App updates time to time. So here is the list of its old Versions.

Lucky Patcher Version

Lucky Patcher Version

Lucky Patcher Version

Lucky Patcher Version 6.9.6

Lucky Patcher Version 6.9.4

Lucky Patcher Version 6.9.0

Lucky Patcher Version 6.8.6

Lucky Patcher Version 6.8.6

Lucky Patcher Version 6.8.5

Lucky Patcher Version 6.8.0

Lucky Patcher Version 6.7.0

Lucky Patcher Version 6.6.2

Lucky Patcher Version 6.6.0

Lucky Patcher Version 6.5.7

Lucky Patcher Version 6.5.5

Lucky Patcher Version 6.5.4

Lucky Patcher Version 6.5.2

Lucky Patcher Version 6.5.0

Lucky Patcher Version 6.4.9

Final Words about Lucky Patcher Original:

So this is all about Lucky Patcher App. The download link which has been provided in this article is working 100%. This App is 100% safe and does not harm your device. Download the Lucky Patcher for Android device and enjoy your favourite app. We are sure you are going to enjoy this App.

Please share your experience of using Lucky Patcher Original in the comment Section.