CreeHack Apk Free Download 1.8.0 for Android, iOS, PC

We find lots of demo games on the google play or app store but we hardly reach the level of excitement while playing games that the option for full version subscribes or pay an amount pop up in the screen. No one wants to pay for the games they play, so in some way, those paid games only become part of the uninstalled apps. The Creehack Apk is of the best apps which provide a paid app for free on all devices.

creehack Apk

What is CreeHack Apk?

There are lots of games which you can find on play store but they are not for free downloads. There are lots of games we play on our Android and iOS devices but after playing for a while those games need payment to play further.  CreeHack Apk helps us to download and play paid games for free, the paid games available in the Google PlayStore are available for free. There are also games which need coins, gems to play the further level, but if you have CreeHack Apk on the phone then you can play these games for free. Download CreeHack Apk on the phone and get all the paid games for free, not only games users can download paid app for free with the help of a CreeHack app.

CreeHack Apk Download for Android

Android phone is available around us in huge number, about half of the world is connected to the Internet. And we can get free android games everywhere but there are apps and games which are not free in any site, CreeHack Apk helps to download these games and apps. CreeHack needs no rooting so it is a safe platform to download paid apps for free. Unlimited free downloads of games and apps

creehack download for Android

CreeHack Apk Version

App Name CreeHack
Latest Version V1.8.0
Last updated 28 Jan 2018
Requirements Android 4.0
Size 1.2 MB
Category General
Developer Creeteam
License Free

CreeHack App: Features

  • Download paid games for free by using CreeHack apk.
  • Unlimited downloads of apps and games.
  • Install paid apps and games for free.
  • No root is required for this app to work.
  • This app is totally safe and free.
  • All the paid Apps from the play store are available for the free download through CreeHack Apk.

How to download CreeHack Apk for Android

  • Go to the Google Search and search for CreeHack Apk.
  • From the list of the option given below choose CreeHack official website.
  • Download the Apk file from the official website.
  • Go to the security option on the phone
  • Select install Apps option and enable the unknown sources.
  • Search for the apk file on the phone and install the app.

How to use CreeHack Apk

  • After installation goes to the CreeHack App.
  • Then run it in the background by clicking the menu option.
  • Go to the play store and download an App in the purchase.
  • Install and open the app, go to the purchase option and select it.
  • No need to give any information in the purchase option and remove any details if there are any.
  • Once you proceed the purchase option and play the game.

Free Download KeepVid APK Video Downloader (Android, iOS, PC)

Every day we come across hundreds of videos be it related to news, technology, music, or dance and whether we want to watch or download them we face problems due to the internet connectivity issues. But now all these problems have come to an end due to an app called KeepVid Apk.

KeepVid Apk for Android

Video downloading has always been a difficult task if you do not have a proper internet connection. Buffering of videos consumes a lot of time and sometimes it takes hours to watch a long duration video. The KeepVid is a video downloader used to download videos and mp3 files.

What is KeepVid Apk?

KeepVid can be used to download videos and Mp3 files from a lot of popular sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram etc. We live in the 21st century and this era is all about the digital world. Watching videos have always been a great source of entertainment. Nowadays videos are a great source of learning too. KeepVid is one of the best video downloading app available on the internet. You can download videos and mp3 files free of cost with fast speed. Based on your requirement you can even download different versions of it like Lite, Pro, and Music.

KeepVid Android: Details

Name of the App KeepVid APK
Last Version Released V3.1.1.5
Use Video and Music Downloading
Price Free
Last Date of Update 18-01-18
Space Requirement 11.3MB

Features of KeepVid APK

  • Free Download- Using this app you can download videos for free. You do not need to install any other program for downloading videos.
  • Fast Download- If offers high downloading speed by using one-step mechanism i.e. find your video click on download option and you are done. It uses complete bandwidth of your network to enhance the speed of download
  • Built-in Web browser-The user can search for the videos on the app by typing its keyword and the app performs the search on its own without the need of leaving the app and opening another browser.
  • Batch Download-There are a lot of apps which support video downloading but you can only download one video at a time but this app supports multi-tasking i.e. you can select multiple videos and the download will happen simultaneously thus saving a lot of time and effort.

KeepVid Apk

  • Music Download: If you are a music lover or even if you use music as a stress buster you need fast and better option for downloading music. At times you are not interested in downloading the video rather you are interested in downloading the MP3. This can be done by using download audio option in the app which converts the video into MP3 format.
  • High-Quality Videos: The HD video downloaders support 2K, HD, and UHD videos thus you can download high-quality videos without affecting its quality.
  • Design: The look and feel of the app is the first thing which attracts the user. It provides an amazing design which is user-friendly and integrated with an extraordinary interface.

 How to download KeepVid Apk for Android?

Downloading KeepVid APK is a simple procedure:

  • First, click on settings option on your mobile.
  • Now, in settings click on security option.
  • Check if unknown sources option is enabled or not.If it is not enabled then enable it.
  • Now, visit the official site of KeepVid and click on the download button.
  • Click on install option which is visible to you after some time.
  • Once the installation process gets completed you can start using the app.

How to use the KeepVid?

  • Find a link to the video by searching the video on sites.
  • Copy this link
  • Paste it into the app
  • Now you can watch or download the video according to your needs

Download Fildo Apk V2.9.8 Latest Version to stream MP3 Music

If you are looking for Music Downloader or want to stream MP3 Music, then you can check and download Fildo Apk on your Android, iOS, and PC. On this app, the user can easily search and download his or her favorite music by using its search bar feature. The user can use this android app for listening to songs and audios on their Android device.

Fildo apk

What is Fildo Apk?

The Fildo app is the wonderful audio streaming app from where you can download HD quality audios and videos available online. The FilDo app doesn’t have its audio and music collection but it will bring these audio and videos files from various other sources. The Fildo is wonderful music app from where you can download HD quality music with ease. The app has the wonderful collection of all sorts of music and you can choose any of the music to download on your device.

FilDo App: Features

  • MP3 Music: The user can download songs and music on their smartphones using FilDo App.
  • In-Built Search Engine: This MP3 music downloader you can search music and can use the filter option to find your favorite song.
  • Listen to Songs online: The user can listen to songs online using this app.
  • Download Songs: The user can download songs directly to their SD card.

Fildo Latest Version 2018

Here we have listed all the latest and old versions of FilDo apk that you can use for Android, iOS, and PC.

FilDo Apk

  • Spotify Integration fixing
  • Fix bugs appear while playing offline songs
  • Translation of Text
  • Fallback of Search Engine Integration fixing

FilDo 2.9.8 Apk

  • Fixing of minor bugs and improvises the performance.
  • Playlists and Top Charts fixing

FilDo 2.9.7 Apk

  • Little and minor improvements in performance
  • Integration of search engine fixing

FilDo 2.9.5 Apk

  • Startup Time Improved

FilDo 2.8.7 Apk

  • Main View Fix list
  • Main View Fix Playlists

FilDo 2.8.4 Apk

  • Improved in Startup time
  • Using too long titles you can fix problems
  • FallBack search engine fixing error

FilDo 2.8.0 Apk

  • Turkish translation
  • French translation
  • Load some images with fix bugs.

Also check: 

FilDo Apk Download for Android

FilDo for android

To install FilDo Apk on Android device, you need to download the FilDo app by following this simple process.

  • Initially, you need to make changes to your Android devices.
  • (Settings> Security> Unknown Sources) Enable the unknown sources to allow downloading the third-party apps.
  • In the third-party app store, you will find FilDo app.
  • Select the app and click on download icon.
  • Soon after clicking on download icon, your downloading process gets started.
  • After the completion of the download process, click on install icon to start the installation process.
  • After few minutes, you will find the icon on the homepage.
  • Click on the icon and enjoy all its features.

FilDo for iOS

If you want to download Fildo on iOS devices, then you need to download the emulator first. You cannot download Fildo App directly from iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices.

  • Download and install emulator first.
  • Go to the third-party app store and find the FilDo app.
  • Select the app and press the Install icon.
  • After clicking on the install icon, the process of installation gets started.
  • After few minutes you will notice the icon of FilDo at the homepage.
  • Click on the icon and enjoy all its features.

How to Convert OXPS Files to PDF (Online Converter & Softwares)

Nowadays, most of the people have started working on latest version of Windows. If you are also a Windows user and using Windows 7 and Windows 8 platform then this post will be very useful to you. If you have Windows 7 platform on your device then your default format extension is .XPS. If you are using Windows 8 then your default extension is “.OXPS”. Microsoft has added XPS extension on Windows 7 which is then upgraded into OXPS with the launching of Windows 8 operating system. Here you can check the details of software and oxps to pdf converter.

oxps to pdf converter

How to Convert OXPS to PDF?

If you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 platform then your default extension for saving and printing the documents is either .xps or .oxps extension. So if anyone is saving any type of document or printing any document then the file will get saved with .xps and .oxps extension. But sometimes this extension can create a problem.

If you want the printout of any document and you are having a printer at your home then there is no problem. You can easily take the printout copy of the document. But if you are going outside to some printing shop to take the print out then this extension might create a problem. If the printing shop is using Mac or Windows XP operating system and your file is in XPS and OXPS extension format then your document or file will not get open.

pdf converter

In order to solve this problem you need to follow this process:

  • Make sure that while saving the document you must have a proper internet connection at your home.
  • Look for the Online Converter and Online Converting sites including PDF Converter, XPS to PDF, and OXPS to PDF converter.
  • Select your .xps and .oxps file.
  • Using Converter, the user can change the extension to PDF.
  • But if you don’t have a proper internet connection, then you can use software to convert your extension.

OXPS to PDF Converter Software

  • DoPDF

The DoPDF is software that can convert any document’s extension into PDF format. So if your internet connection is not appropriate then you can use this converter to change the extension of the documents.

  • XPS to PDF Converter

The XPS to PDF Converter is the software that you can use for converting XPS to PDF file format. The interface of this converter is quite user-friendly that has a simple user interface and like PrimoPDF and DoPDF the converter doesn’t make any changes in the formats. The converter only transfers the XPS extension to PDF format.

  • PrimoPDF

The Primo PDF is a wonderful converter that transfers many formats into the PDF format. The software is very easy to use. The best part of this converter is that the converter is available free of cost. The user needs to drag and drop them “.Xps” and “.Oxps” extension file to primo PDF icon and press the print icon. Soon after clicking on the icon, you will then find the settings of the PrimoPDF where you need to make some changes.

Snagfilms apk: Download V1.0.33 for Android, Kodi to Watch free movies

Want to create your own playlist? Do you want the best Movie Downloader for android, iOS? Snagfilms is the best solution for you. In the Snagfilms Apk, you will find varied and wide collection of movies and TV Shows. Out of this collection, you can choose the best one and download it on your device. The Snagfilms apk is not only used for downloading the movies and Tv Shows but you can also use the app for watching videos and TV Shows online.

Snagfilms to watch free movies

Here in this post you can see the details of the snagfilms apk and the download process of snagfilms for Android, iOS, and other such devices.

Define Snagfilms Apk?

Snagfilms Apk is one of the highly recommendable and most preferred movie downloader app for android, iOS, and other devices. The app can be used to watch movies of different category and TV Shows including comedy, dramatic, full of emotions, and entertainment. The user can watch high definition movies and shows on this wonderful streaming app. If you are thinking as why you download Snagfilms only instead of downloading other movie app, the user will not get any distraction of ads while watching television and movies. The app is absolutely ad-free and this feature makes the app gaining popularity.

Snagfilms App: Details

  • App Name: Snagfilms
  • Latest Version: V1.0.33
  • Minimum Requirements: Android 5.0 or up
  • Last updated date: 30th December 2017
  • License: Free
  • Developer: Snagfilm Team

Snagfilms Watch Free movies

snagfilms apk

  • The user can watch videos and movies with snagfilms apk on any device.
  • The app also offers the synchronization feature where the user can synchronize the video and movies on any device.
  • You can share and download the latest movies and videos at anytime and anywhere you want.
  • In the app, you will find the search bar also that let you find your favorite TV Shows and movies by sorting the category based on title name, uploaded date.
  • You will find various categories in the app such as movies, TV Shows, documentary, and other award winning films.
  • The subtitles available in the app escape the language constraints.

Snagfilms: Categories

  • Drama
  • Animation
  • Horror
  • Romantic
  • Thriller
  • Comedy
  • Kids and Family
  • Bollywood
  • Tollywood
  • Sports
  • Drama
  • TV Shows

Download Snagfilms Apk for Android

  • Firstly, you need to make changes in your Android phone settings.
  • Go to the settings and select security.
  • After this make Unknown Sources enable.
  • By doing all this, the user are allow to download apps available only on third-party app store.
  • In the third-party app store, you have to look for the snagfilms apk.
  • Click on Snagfilms apk option and then download icon.
  • After finding out the link, press the download icon to download the app.
  • As the downloading of the app has completed, you need to install the app.
  • Click on the install icon and wait for few seconds until the completion of the installation process.
  • Now you can enjoy all the features and watch your favorite and missed TV Shows and movies.

Download Snagfilms for Kodi

  • To download Snagfilms apk on Kodi, you need to launch Kodi app on your device
  • After downloading the app open the Kodi and look for the package installer.
  • Click on the Package installer, and then select Install from repository.
  • Press Video Addons and select Snagfilms out from the list.
  • Look for the install icon and click on it.
  • After few second, you will get the Addon Enabled Notification.
  • Go to the home screen and select Addons, Video Addons, and then Snagfilms.

How to install Windows 10 from USB pen drive?

Want to install Windows 10 on your PC? Looking for installing Windows without DVD? Do you ever think of downloading Windows 10 from USB? Here you can check the process to download Windows 10. After you have installed Windows 10 using USB, you need to sign in to create .iso file. Here you can check How to install Windows 10 from USB and follow the below-mentioned process.

How to install Windows 10 from USB

How to install Windows 10 from USB?

The user can install Windows 10 using USB pen drive and DVD. There are various other processes available online that you can use to install Windows 10 on your PC. To install Windows 10 via USB, the user need to follow the below-mentioned process:

Format drive and active Primary partition

  • Make connection of USB drive with your technician PC.
  • Open the disk management by clicking on start and then disk management.
  • Press the right click button of USB drive partition and select the format option.
  • Make the partition active by clicking on the right button of the USB drive partition and choose the partition as active.

Copy the setup of Windows to USB

  • To copy Windows, you have to use File Explorer. Copy all the content of Windows DVD into the USB flash drive.
  • Add the unattended file to active the installation process.

Check Root Explorer Apk and download on your device

How to Download Windows to PC?

Install Windows 10 from USB

  • Make connection between USB flash drive into your PC.
  • Open the selection menu for boot device and press the key including Esc/F10/F12. Choose the option to boot PC.
  • Start your Windows setup and follow every instruction.
  • After the completion of the installation process, you need to remove USB flash drive.

There are other methods also available online to download Windows 10 on PC. To download Windows 10 for PC, you need to make connection between USB with PC. After making the connection, restart your PC again. You will find keys that you can use to boot your device. Those keys you can use such as F12, F2, and Esc to boost your device.

Minimum Requirements to install Windows 10

  • PC on which you want to install Windows 10.
  • PC to format USB flash drive.
  • Install Windows 10 on .iso or DVD.
  • USB that has 5GB space

Final verdict

Last but not the least, the user can install not only Windows 10 using USB but he or she can also install Windows 7 by following same method. The user needs to make sure that before starting the installation process or download process, he or she must fulfill the minimum requirements. You can check the requirements above and start your installation and download process using USB.

Download Leo Playcard Apk (V1.2) for Android & iOS

If you are fond of playing games on your mobile device or If you love playing gaming apps by downloading it from play store then you can use Leo PlayCard App. The Leo Playcard apk will help the user earning coins, gems, extra lives, and other in-app purchases by just playing the gaming app. The app will help you converting freebies into goodies by simply using the app efficiently. Here you can check the process to download Leo Playcard on Android and iOS device along with its features and details.

Leo playcard apk

Leo Playcard: Introduction

Leo Playcard is powered with wonderful features that the user can use playing games and managing things. The user can make changes in the gaming app as his or her desire using Leo Playcard app. You can use Leo Playcard app for many reasons and functions that are mentioned below:

  • The user can convert freebies into goodies by using Leo Playcard app efficiently.
  • You can control objects and use the features present in the game using Leo Playcard.
  • The user does not require rooted device. He or she can synchronize the Leo Playcard app with other apps.

Download Leo Playcard Apk for Android

The user can download and use Leo Playcard for Android and iOS devices at free of cost. To download Leo Playcard Apk on android device you need to follow the below-mentioned process:

  • Download Leo Playcard Apk on your android device by just clicking on download icon.
  • To download Leo Playcard you need to make changes in your phone settings to allow apps available on third-party app store.
  • Look for Leo Placard app on the third-party app store.
  • Then click on the download icon to start downloading process.
  • Wait for few minutes till the completion of download process.
  • Click on install icon to start installation process.
  • To start downloading the Leo Playcard you need to make enable the Leo Playcard app.
  • You will find new page where you will see Pay icon.
  • Click on Pay icon that will show you various payment options.
  • Select the payment options and after few seconds you will find that your payment is done.

Download Leo Playcard

Leo Playcard Alternatives:

Download Leo Playcard for iOS

The Leo Playcard is an amazing app and the best alternative app for Lucky Patcher and Freedom Apk. The user can download Leo Playcard by following simple process. Apart from the android devices, the user can download Leo Playcard for iOS, iPhone, and iPad devices.

Final Verdict

To download Leo Playcard App, the user does not require any rooted device. You can download Leo Playcard app on rooted as well as no-rooted device. Using Leo Playcard, the user can control over other gaming app permissions and use its other features. Download the app using the above-procedure and use the app efficiently and perfectly.

Freedom APK Free Download V2.0.9 (No Root) for Android, iOS, PC

If you are a game lover then you might be looking to earn unlimited gold coins, gems, and extra lives by playing android games. Freedom App is the app that let you crack the app and let you get free in-app purchases easily. Check Freedom Apk Free Download process for Android, iOS, and PC and fulfill all the minimum requirements required to install the app. Here you can see the steps to install the Freedom App on your Android and iOS devices along with the procedure to download Freedom App on Android and iOS devices.

Freedom Apk Free Download

How to use Freedom App?

  • Go to the App drawer, search for the freedom app on your android phone.
  • After sometime you will get the notification regarding root permission.
  • The user need to grant the root permission to freedom app for which you need to click on Grant and Allow button.
  • Soon after pressing the icon, you will find the list of pre-installed apps on your Android phone.
  • Choose your preferred app to which you want in-app purchases free.
  • Press on the icon and wait for a minute.
  • Visit the app store from where you have downloaded the particular app.
  • To get free in-app purchases, press the Buy icon.

Minimum Requirements to download Freedom Apk

To download Freedom APK on your Android device, you must fulfill atleast one of his or her requirements.

  • 100 MB free space.
  • 512 MB RAM.
  • Android device (V2.3)

Freedom Apk Not Working

While installing the Freedom app, if you find error “No Connection” while doing in-app purchases then you might not worry as this is the common error faced by many freedom app users. To fix this kind of problem, you need to follow the procedure

  • Firstly, Download file manager on your Android device that let you edit files including ES File Explorer.
  • Visit the root directory and find the folder with the name “System”.
  • Click on etc folder and look for file with name “hosts”.
  • Edit host name file and enter the code below.
  • Save the file.
  • Click on the Application Manager by going to the settings of your Android phone.
  • Click on Google play store and then Clear Data icon.
  • Reboot your android device.

By following this simple process, your Freedom APK will get installed on your Android and iOS devices.

Freedom Apk Direct Download

Download Freedom Apk for Android

Downloading the Freedom Apk is very easy, all you have to follow the simple process. The Freedom Apk will not only allow to get free coins and gems but it also help you in cracking your license verification of Android and iOS devices. Here you can check the steps to download and install the Freedom app on your Android device.


  • To download Freedom APK, go to the third party app store.
  • The user can download Freedom APK on his on PC and can transfer the apk file later on to your android device.
  • Install file manager like ES File Explorer from third-party app store.
  • Open the file manager, and go to the Download folder from where you can download Freedom APK file.


  • For installing the Freedom APK on your Android, you need to make changes in your Android phone settings.
  • Go to the Phone settings and select security option.
  • After selecting security option, make Unknown Sources enable.
  • Press on the install icon.
  • After few seconds, you will find that the Freedom App will get installed on your device.

Download Freedom App for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Are you an iOS user? Do you want to install Freedom for iOS and Freedom for iPhone? Here we have provided details and download process of Freedom for iOS that you can check and follow. The user do not require jailbreak to download Freedom App for iOS device. This app will give you freedom for in-app purchases of any games. The app will let you move at any level and will unlock all its latest abilities.

Freedom for iOS

Freedom for iOS

With Freedom App, the user can unlock all its features so that the user can purchase the app resources and unlock new and paid features without using credit and debit card. The Freedom apk is a wonderful app that will fix all your bugs and issues as well as saves lots of money. Here you can check the features of Freedom App that it offers on iOS devices:

Freedom App for iOS: Features

The Freedom App offers various features to Android, iOS, and PC users. Apart from free in-app purchases, the user can control over permissions and can remove license verification for Android Apps.

  • The user can purchase gems, coins, and points absolutely free of cost.
  • The App is completely free.
  • Safe and secure.
  • The user can upgrade the app without paying any single penny.

Freedom for iPhone

Freedom app works similar as Lucky Patcher App, the Freedom app lets to remove license verification. After doing this, the user can use the app without creating any problem. With Freedom App, the user will get the modified version of an app as per your desire. Infact, the old version of the app will remain with you, If you want to work on Freedom Old Version then also you can easily work upon it.

Freedom for iPhone

How to Download Freedom Apk (No Root)

If you have no rooted device, then you need to have root device first. If the user is finding the Freedom App in Google Play Store then he or she might not find in Google Play Store because of terms and conditions violation. If you have a rooted device then you need to follow the below-mentioned process:

  • Download the .apk file for Freedom App from its official website.
  • Read the terms and conditions carefully and then go for downloading the Freedom App.
  • Install the apk file present in its downloaded folder before this you have to enable the Unknown Sources.
  • To enable the unknown sources, go to the settings options and then click on security and then make Unknown Sources enable.
  • After doing all these, you can install the Freedom App on your rooted device.
  • After the completion of installation process, allow its root permission whenever you receive any prompt.
  • Enjoy Freedom App’s features now.

How to use Freedom App effectively?

After installing the Freedom App, you will find the list of apps out of which you have to select the best one on which you want to buy and enable the upgraded features. After this process, go to main app and click on Buy option for in-app purchases. After clicking on Buy icon, you will get the confirmation message of successful payment.

How to Download Freedom App for iOS?

If you are looking to download Freedom App on your iOS device, then we will come up with the process soon. The user can follow this download process for their iPhone and iPad devices also. The process of downloading Freedom App is very easy.

Download Root Explorer APK V4.6.8 Latest Version for Android

Root Explorer apk is the best file manager app to access all the files present on your Android device. The Root Explorer APK consists Google Drive, Text Editor, Bookmarks, execute scripts, Multi-Tab options, Dropbox, permissions, sending files, zip files, image thumbnails, sending files, XML file viewer, box, remount. The app is basically used to open the root explorer for Android and PC. The Root Explorer also allows you to store data and information in the app safely and securely.

Root Explorer Apk

What is Root Explorer Apk?

The Root Explorer APK is the best-rooted file manager that let you access your system files and information about apps. The Root Explorer APK is a trendy app that you can use as instant file manager provided for the rooted device by which you can access the whole file system of Android device. The Root Explorer APK is developed in a unique manner that let you manage and save files from SD card and phone memory.

Root Explorer App

Details Root Explorer Properties
App Name Root Explorer
Latest Version V4.1.8
Category File Management
Download Size 3.8MB
License Free
Compatible Android V4.0 & above
Download Numbers 5,87,000+
Developer XDA

Root Explorer: Features

Root Explorer Pro APK

  • Manage Files: The user can manage and open files that you cannot do with an android file manager.
  • Multiple Tabs: You can work on multiple tabs at the same point in time similarly like browsers.
  • Access to hidden content: The user can access the hidden content present in their Android app.
  • Fully support to the google drive, Dropbox, and other storage
  • Equipped with wonderful features like SQLite database viewer, sending files via Bluetooth, selection of multiple files, email and other such features.

Root Explorer Pro: Features

  • The user can search for any files and parameters stored as an information.
  • If you want to convert freebies from gaming apps into goodies then you have to confirm using the code generated.
  • Update files, documents, applications directly from the app.
  • The user will get lots of settings and options to customize.
  • The app helps in smooth functioning and easier to work.
  • Integrates with Google Drive, DropBox, Box Cloud storage and network
  • Open multiple tabs
  • The user can edit the text content
  • With its multi-select option, the user can select one or more files at a single point in time.
  • The user can open, close, delete any files and folders.
  • No restrictions.

Root Explorer Latest Version

Download Root Explorer APK for Android

Root Explorer Version 4.1.8

  • Problem fixing of moving files from internal storage to SD card.
  • Occasional Crash fixing using root explorer to open files.

Root Explorer Version 4.1.6

  • Fixing of the problem of replacing files in Dropbox
  • Tab size reduction and add your tab size preferences.
  • Few other improvements in the performance.

Root Explorer Version 4.1.3

  • You will find preferences to create a New folder, new files, and new tab.
  • In the properties dialog, you will find file and folder counts in folder section.
  • You can show and hide the Add button of preferences.

Minimum Requirements to download Root Explorer APK

  • Works only on the rooted device.
  • Android device with version 2.2 or higher.
  • 4 MB free internal storage required

Free Download Root Explorer APK for Android

  • The user must have the Root Explorer APK file on their Android phones.
  • The user will find the app in third-app store so he or she requires making changes in the phone settings. Go to the settings part and then security and enable unknown sources.
  • By enabling the unknown sources, the user can download the APK on his or her Android device.
  • Click on download option and then install the Root Explorer on your Android device.